Friday, December 29, 2006

Blog Privacy?

Interesting news regarding a court case surrounding the now defunct Washingtonienne blog. There are several other lawsuits relating to privacy breaches in blogs.
In the Washingtonienne Jessica Cutler revealed sex secrets about her affair with the legal council to a republican senator.

Another site to recently escape being sued is dontdatehimgirl. This is a website in which women can post warnings about men with which they have had bad dates. Separately the site is currently being sued in Pennsylvania by a man unhappy with postings that accused him of having venereal disease.

It's all worth keeping in mind in regard to how free blogs are to remain.
The California Supreme Court joined other states by ruling in November that bloggers and participants in Internet bulletin board groups cannot be sued for posting defamatory statements made by other parties on their websites.
I must check into what the European laws are. So I was shagging this chick the other night....

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